About Bargain Hangers

With over 50,000 Square Feet of Warehouse Space we have a Wide Range of Plastic and Wooden Coat Hangers always Available for Immediate Despatch whether it be Container or Pallet Loads or Small Pack Sizes that you require.

We can Meet Your EXACT Requirements.

We have been in Business for Over 75 Years and have a Proven Record of Delivering Plastic and Wooden Hangers to leading retailers, chain stores, independent shops, boutiques, hotels and charities across the UK, Europe and Globally.

We have our OWN factory manufacturing coat hangers. As manufacturers we can provide you with consistent high quality on all your orders and also design and produce bespoke hangers to meet your specific requirements.

As manufacturers we have SHORT Lead Times to delivery even on bespoke orders. This Saves You Money by helping you efficiently manage your stocks of coat hangers.

We are proud to continue manufacturing as it enables us to deliver the highest quality to our customers on every order. Click Here Now to Read What Our Customers Say About Us.