What Our Customers Say

Below are just some of the comments from our customers who have ordered wholesale hangers direct from us and enjoyed the benefits of our excellent service and low prices which we can offer as a leading manufacturer of hangers.

"As a buyer for a chain of fashion stores it is essential to be able to rely on a fast and efficient supplier for all our coat hangers. That's why we have got all our hangers for over 10 years from Bargain Hangers" Sarah, London

"Fantastic Service. I have dealt with Ann and Peter for the last 5 years and they have helped me many times by delivering a supply of wholesale hangers at short notice" David, Surrey

"I run 3 boutiques shops and I was delighted to be able to get a range of custom printed hangers with my company logo on. This has made a real difference to how all the garments in my boutiques are presented and has helped me increase sales" Jenny, Bath

"I was able to phone them and speak to Peter. He helped me choose the right hangers to improve the garment presentation in my shop" Jason, Bristol

"Great value for hangers which they can offer as manufacturers" Steve, Birmingham

"They were able to design and manufacture a range of hangers to meet my specific requirements" John, Leeds

"They make me feel a valued customer. Ian calls in to meet me every 3 or 4 months to make sure that all my requirements for wholesale hangers are being met. I like being able to meet with my supplier, it makes ordering so much easier" Stuart, Leicester

"I ordered online and received my hangers within 2 days. Very good service" Chris, London

"Many suppliers of wholesale hangers can not deliver custom printed hangers at short notice. I was therefore delighted when I found that Bargain Hangers could custom print a pallet of hangers in just a few days. This has allowed me to reduce significantly the level of hangers I now keep in stock" Michael, Liverpool

"I have saved so much on wholesale hangers over the last 2 years by ordering from Bargain Hangers. Dealing directly with a manufacturer enables me to make these savings. Ann and Diane to do a great at making sure that my orders reach me on time and there is never any hangers missing" Louise, Nottingham